On you will find stamps from all over the world; they are arranged according to country of origin or subject. The stamps are arranged in the years of issue and the MICHEL-catalogue number. In the subject lists, even the smallest illustrations and secondary subjects are given consideration. The catalogue may be used to check whether an edition meets your personal wishes. All stamps without further particulars are in unmounted mint (MNH) condition. The price list on the left is for stamps in unmounted mint condition: the same on the right is for stamps with a postmark. Stamps with a postmark usually have a quarter stamp. All prices are listed in Euros. All editions may be ordered online. The range of stamps for sale is updated and extended on a weekly basis.

The following abbreviations are used:

  • picture available (detailed view) : picture available (detailed view)
  • picture available (quick view) : picture available (quick view)
  • "xx" = mint never hinged, authentic + faultless
  • "oo" = used/cancelled, authentic + faultless
  • "Bl." = souvenir/miniature sheet
  • "Klb." = sheetlet
  • "MH" = booklet
  • "A,C,D,E,F" = different perforations
  • "B" = imperforated issues
  • "a,b,c" = shades of colour
  • "x,y,z" = different papers, fluorescence etc.
  • "X,Y,Z" = watermarks
  • "FDC" = first day cover
  • "MaxK" = maximum card
  • "ETB" = first day sheet
  • "x" = hinged
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Delivery is by recorded delivery, registered letter or parcel with payment in advance; customers known to us will be sent a bill. Orders under the value of Euro 25,- will not be accepted. Postage expenses (ca. 4,00 Euro) and, in given cases, an insurance premium (1,50 for 100,00 Euro) will be included in the bill. Packaging will not be charged for. For exports to countries outside the European Union, the costs of goods will be reduced by 7% for stamps or catalogues, and by 19% for accessories. By ordering, the purchaser declares that the ordered goods are known to him. There is no right of return for such goods except in a case of complaint.


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For customers from other countries, payment may be carried out by using VISA or Mastercard.

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